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What can Owen Sound and neighbouring municipalities do? - The City of Owen Sound has developed a Corporate Climate Change Adaptation Plan.  The plan is directed towards mitigating the effects of climate change on the services and infrastructure for which the city is responsible.  As residents of Owen Sound and area, we have a responsibility to monitor the progress the city and demand action where needed.  Here is what we can do to assess and monitor Owen Sound's Corporate Climate Change Adaptation Plan.

There is little emphasis in the Corporate Climate Change Adaptation Plan to reduce the contributing factors that cause climate change.  The current plan falls short on that basis.  Our cities and Owen Sound also  have a responsibility to make progress to stop GHG emissions.  The UN Environment Programme outlines the steps cities need to consider in order to help us all make our commitment to combatting climate change successful.  We need to motivate our politicians to move forward on active steps to reduce their GHG emissions.
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