We  Marched...
To Demand Climate Change Action

On September 8th, 175 of us marched in downtown Owen Sound.  Along the way we met with the candidates for the federal election to


Demand Our Government:

                                                                           •    exceed our Paris Agreement emissions target

                                                                           •    commit to a fast & just transition to 100% renewable energy

                                                                           •    halt fossil fuel subsidization

                                                                           •    increase protection for our carbon-capturing forests, oceans, freshwater systems, and wetlands

                                                                           •    strengthen our sustainable agricultural practices

                                                                           •    publish, meet, & report annual targets for ALL above



The march was a huge success.  We met with the candidates of the 4 major parties and received news coverage for several local news source

What Are You Doing?

•    email all our candidates and all party leaders: “It’s a climate emergency and we need a bold federal action plan.”

•    use public transportation, walk, bike, car-share, take a train over a plane, buy carbon offsets if you must fly

•    buy an electric car - they are cheaper to own and there likely won’t be a market for your gas-powered vehicle in 5 to 10 years

•    install a programmable thermostat, swap your furnace for a heat pump, choose an electric stove over a gas (and lower indoor air pollution)

•    wash clothes in cold water, hang-dry, buy appliances with an Energy Star label

•    make your home more energy efficient, check out Federal guidelines and grants

•    consume less, more efficiently

•    reuse and repair (take advantage of second-hand markets, barter for needed goods, repurpose unused items)

•    recycle everything, including waste from electronics

•    when ordering online, avoid next day delivery and group your purchases

•    shop local, eat food that is in season, eat more meat-free meals, buy organic where possible, grow your own, avoid processed foods

•    plant trees, buy wood with a sustainable origin such as FSC certified wood

•    be a socially conscious investor, insist on ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) standards

•    invest in renewables such as solar panels, join renewable energy co-ops, buy from a green energy provider